Official Opening of Advanced Cardiac Imaging Centre (ACIC)

On 13th August, the St Vincent's Advanced Cardiac Imaging Centre (ACIC) was officially opened comprising Coronary CT and Cardiac MRI.

These imaging procedures benefit patients in terms of speed, comfort, safety and improved accuracy of diagnosis.

CT Coronary Angiogram

The benefit of the cardiac CT scanning is that is replaces the need for procedures such as coronary angiography to examine the coronary arteries.The new CT scanner can take images of the entire heart and the blood supply through the coronary arteries - all in a fraction of a heart beat.

The CT can diagnose diseases within the aorta and determine the most effective treatment plan.

Cardiac MRI

The new cardiac MRI machine produces moving images of all the heart structures without any radiation exposure for the patient. Images can detect any changes in the heart muscle and accurately measure blood flow through the chambers of the heart and within the heart muscle.

Referrals to ACIC

Please refer to the St Vincent's Hospital Advanced Cardiac Imaging Centre Referral Form to find more information about medicare eligibility, patient preparation and the location of St Vincent's ACIC.