Implantable Defibrillator Support Group in July

You are invited to attend the St Vincent’s Hospital ICD (Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator) information day. The aim of the day is to provide support and education for all ICD recipients and their families and friends. It is also an opportunity to meet others with ICDs and share experiences.


Tuesday, July 26th 11.00am-1pm


Level 4 Function Room St Vincent’s Clinic***


“Acceptance and commitment: Strategies to adjust to living with an ICD”
Having an ICD can be psychologically challenging to begin with. It can take some time to adjust to new and unusual sensations, worries about shocks, and for some, the reality of actually having the ICD fire. In this talk we will discuss ways to “get used to” the ICD by learning how to manage unhelpful worries, the “what ifs”, that might be on your mind . We will also talk about how to rebuild commitment and confidence in important parts of our lives, including relationships, work and hobbies, that may have been sacrificed or forgotten if our mind has become preoccupied by thinking about the ICD.


Michael Parle – Clinical Psychologist    


Friday, 22nd July

Phone: the Cardiac Rehab Dept. on (02) 8382 2321

Refreshments will be provided as well as an opportunity to have your questions answered by professionals. (Please indicate the number of people attending for catering purposes).

We look forward to seeing you.

Andre Tay, Madeline Attrill and Kathryn Tonini

Clinical Nurse Consultants
Electrophysiology and Cardiac Rehabilitation Departments