Alvin - Cardiac Arrest Survivor

Alvin cropped

"Oh my gosh, you are the LAST person that we would expect this to happen to!" 

These are the words that 51 year old Alvin frequently hears from his friends and family after telling them that he had a cardiac arrest in February whilst skiing in Japan. 

Alvin's reply is, "It can happen to anyone, even if you have a healthy lifestyle and are fit."

In February, Alvin was skiing in Japan when he collapsed. Fortunately for him, there was a surgeon on the ski slopes who commenced CPR quickly and saved his life.

"I've since read that only 1 in 20 make it through a cardiac arrest. That's not good odds!" said Alvin.

Alvin was treated with coronary stenting and an implantable defibrillator (ICD).

Alvin is currently attending cardiac rehabilitation twice per week for education and exercise. 

"Now when people ask me how I am, I reply with 'good thanks'. The next thing I say is 'go and have a heart check'."

A message from Alvin to you

Don't put it to chance, get a cardiovascular check up. It's painless, quick and not scary at all - and it could save your life!  

Last time I went to see my GP was in 2014 because I didn't get sick. Don't wait until you are sick to see your doctor. 

Your heart is too important to ignore.